Waiting for monogamous relationship?

Dear Dr. Milrod: This is probably an all too common question but I was wondering how long is too long to wait for a monogamous relationship? Let’s say you are in love with a wonderful guy/girl who treats you like a prince/princess and everything is top notch (i.e. sex, intelligence, enjoying time together), but the other person is just not ready to make the commitment. How do... Read More

I couldn’t get an erection with unfamiliar women!

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am a businessman, married for nearly 20 years to a very attractive and petite woman. I went on business trips and became unfaithful out of desperation because of inactivity at home. I was with two women from other companies and was not able to perform with either, although there was a definite physical attraction and I did enjoy the time spent with them. When... Read More

My girlfriend’s pelvis is hurting me!

Dear Dr. Milrod: My girlfriend is a very energetic and dominant woman so she likes to get on top and is very physical about it. So much so that I hit her pelvic bones and she doesn’t care. But it hurts me! Lately, I’ve been asking her if I could get on top and do missionary or doggy style so I can control the pace, but I still end up hitting her bones a bit.  I have... Read More

I am a man and want to understand menopause

Dear Dr. Milrod: There must be thousands of books on menopause, and yet in some ways it still seems a mystery.  Women can get it as early as 45, and it can last anywhere from 2 to 15 years, no?  Or are there no rules?  Does sexual desire always decline in women during/after menopause?  Are exceptions frequent? I am a “mature” man, and although my frequency and quality... Read More

I had sex with a transgender woman – what to do now?

Dear Dr. Milrod: What should I do – or how should I feel, after the fact that a lady I really enjoyed spending time with is actually a post-op transsexual? Glen or Glenda Dear Glen or Glenda: The acceptance of someone else’s gender seems to be correlated with the acceptance of one’s own. Many men who are very uncomfortable – almost phobic – toward gender... Read More

Where is her G-spot?

Dear Dr. Milrod: Exactly how to locate this elusive erotic and sensitive zone and what exactly do I need to do to push my girl over the edge. Sorry, if I seem naive, but I seriously need a woman’s perspective here. Randy Andy Dear Randy Andy: To locate the G-spot, face your partner while she is lying on her back and insert your index or long middle finger into her vagina as... Read More

She ejaculated – is it dangerous?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I did cunnilingus with a lovely and likeable woman resulted in her climaxing with heaving, great gasps and a gush of fluid.  She was a so-called “squirter!” She said it didn’t happen often, but it had happened before. That was the first time I’ve been part of such a thing, and it was very arousing and it had an interesting taste, too.  I’m... Read More

I had my prostate removed and cannot get an erection

Dear Dr. Milrod: I had my prostate removed and cannot get an erection. I climax but do not ejaculate, and am somewhat limited to fingers and tongue. Any ideas as to what kinky and fun things I might be able to enjoy? Of course my female partner needs to enjoy it also? Eric Tion Dear Eric Tion: It seems that you still have sensation in your genitals, even though erection might be... Read More

I am attracted to older women

Dear Dr. Milrod: I have a thing for more mature women. Not 50 years old but like around 25 to 35ish. Now I am 22 and mature for my age. All women I’ve ever been with have all been older than me.  To me, it seems like mature women know how to treat a guy well, at least compared to girlfriends I’ve had who have been my age or even a year younger and just not mature yet.... Read More

Short man, tall girl – could it work?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am 5’7″ and have normally kept my dates to that height or less. But there are so many really beautiful women that are taller than this, plus with the popularity of really high heels, a 5’5″ lady wearing 6-inchers becomes almost 6 feet tall. Should I even begin to ask out taller women or am I doomed? Napoleon Dear Napoleon: This is one of... Read More