My girlfriend doesn’t like when I try to have intense or kinky sex with her – what am I doing wrong?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am a happy guy in my 20’s. I have a great job and now an awesome girlfriend for the past four months. I try to do my best to satisfy her sexually – I like paying attention to all her body parts and making sure she doesn’t get bored in bed. Recently, however, we had a big fight about how she says I’m always hurting her in some way. The... Read More

I am in love with an escort who works in a brothel

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am an IT professional, divorced since 15 years ago, no kids (don’t want them), with a really unusual problem on my hands. Four months ago, I went on line and found photos of a beautiful escort. After some thinking, I called her and we met – at a Nevada brothel, where she works. It went very well – you could say that it was almost fate! Because... Read More

My brother is a cross dresser – help!

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am a woman in my mid 40s with a fraternal twin brother. We live in Los Angeles not too far from each other. I am very close to my brother and his wife. Recently, she confided in me that my brother dresses like a woman and that it keeps happening more and more. It started just in the bedroom but has now escalated to the point of him talking about taking hormones... Read More

My friend’s fiancée insists on adult circumcision

Dear Dr. Milrod: A 30-year old acquaintance of mine from northern Europe is getting married to his American girlfriend. She is Jewish, he is a Scandinavian atheist. She is now demanding that he undergo circumcision before marriage, or else her parents will not accept him as her husband. He is mostly afraid that he will lose all sensation in his penis, and that “sex will become... Read More

Middle-aged, unattached man wants sex but not intimacy

Dear Dr Milrod: My issue is one of being turned on more by the hunt/chase of the opposite sex rather than the actual act of sex. I have a hard time getting into serious long-term relationships, not because I don’t want to be in them, but for a reason I can’t quite understand. When people initially meet and begin to date, there is that mutual attraction between them with... Read More

My 11-year-old son is sleeping in his mother’s bed every night – is this normal?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I have two children, a son 11, and a daughter in elementary school. My daughter has a developmental disability whereas my son’s child development has been normal. He is a bright boy, athletic, active and happy. He plays computer games and does the usual boy things with his friends from school. At night, my wife puts our children to bed – ours. She has... Read More

What kind of philosophy do you have when it comes to sex education of children?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I’m a single Dad in my early 40s with a pre-teen daughter. In our sessions, we’ve mostly been discussing my issues, but I really want to know – what is your philosophy on sex education of children? Paul D, West LA Dear Paul: It is my belief that while parents who came of age in the 1980s are more informed about sexuality than any previous generation,... Read More

I am not attracted to fat women!

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am a 30 year old normal, average guy. Recently I come to find out that there  is this fat girl at my job who wants to date me. I am not attracted to her, mainly because she is about 5’7” but weighs at least 140 pounds. I told a co-worker that I wasn’t attracted to her, and she said I shouldn’t judge. Am I a bad person for not wanting to... Read More

My partner is hurt by my extreme erection

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am 28 years old and in a great relationship with a girl I’m planning to marry. Recently, we’ve had some sexual difficulties and we want to get them resolved. It turns out that my girlfriend complains about my super hard-on. She says it’s really painful. Is this really possible? Carter Dear Carter: It may not be the erection itself that hurts... Read More

Should we circumcise our baby boy?

Dear Dr. Milrod: My wife and I just found out that we are expecting a boy. Needless to say, we are overjoyed, however, we have this nagging issue of circumcision to deal with. I’m Jewish and my wife is Latina and Catholic. Neither one of us really care about religious traditions, but both sets of in-laws are now pestering us about the whole circumcision issue. Her parents... Read More