I haven’t had sex with my wife in months!

Dear Dr. Milrod: I haven’t had sex with my wife in months. It’s driving me crazy. My wife would rather sit in front of the computer e-mailing friends than having sex with me. I refuse to force her to have sex, she has the right to refuse, but don’t I have rights too? Should I threaten her and tell her that if she doesn’t want to have sex with me, then I will... Read More

What is a lactating fetish all about?

Dear Dr. Milrod: About 10 days ago, I was traveling with a co-worker from another office. On the last night, we got drunk and ended up in bed with each other. When I got her clothes off, she told me that she was still breastfeeding her 4-month old child. So I just went for her breasts. We had one incredible night of lovemaking that included me suckling her breasts and feeding from... Read More

How do you know when it’s time to leave your marriage?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I’ve known my wife for almost nine years and have been married for five of those years. I’m 31 years old and she’s a few years younger.  We don’t have any kids yet, but that is the main issue for us. It scares me to death, not because I don’t want kids eventually, but more because I’m not sure she is the one that I want to have... Read More

My problem is anal sex – I just can’t get enough

Dear Dr. Milrod: I’m a good-looking straight male in my 30’s and I’ve got this intense fetish with female butts. I love everything about them – touching them, feeling them, licking them, rimming them, and ramming my penis inside them during anal sex. I shouldn’t admit this and I know it sounds mean, but if I never had to look at a woman’s face... Read More

Pantyhose and sex

Dear Dr. Milrod: Since I was a pre-teen, I have had something for pantyhose. The sight of a woman in pantyhose just drives me sexually nuts. It has now pushed me to seek professional sex workers to fulfill this fetish. However, I am a married man. Married to a woman whom I love, but who does not share or is even willing to share my fetish with me. She thinks that it is a bit awkward... Read More

Men and women have the same sex drive…or?

Dear Dr Milrod: Wherever I go for information, it tells me that men have a stronger sex drive than women due to testosterone and men should accept that because it’s a fact of life.  However, some women seem to have a sex drive that is on par with men.  So, do we attribute that to testosterone or is something else going on? Girl in Nebraska Dear Girl in Nebraska: Female and... Read More

Sexless marriages?

Dear Dr. Milrod: Lately, I have been hearing a lot about sexless marriages. I just read about a guy’s reason for infidelity, and that was a 25-year sexless marriage. I thought that he should have had a clue after the first six months? Or first year! Aren’t sex and intimacy the bedrock of a good relationship? Do people of both sexes feel that they are not complete without... Read More

Quick question on cancer, estrogen and menopause

Dear Dr. Milrod: A close friend is undergoing radiation treatments for serious breast cancer. She recently said her many years of estrogen treatments may have been the cause; she went that route because she had severe hot flashes and other unpleasantness associated with menopause. I had thought estrogen has been minimized as a possible cause of breast cancer. Another friend made... Read More

Testicular danger?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am asking you a question for the first time and your quick response will be highly appreciated. Actually, in today’s world we really need someone to guide us to correct knowledge regarding sex & relationships, as there are lot of contradictory & unauthentic information are available on net – and, it is very difficult for a common man/woman to find... Read More

What is the fascination with transgender women?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am very perplexed with men who like transgender women. Is this a latent homosexual experience? I normally get quesy just watching two men kiss on television. It’s my hang-up and I harbor no ill will towards the gay community.  Could you please explain what trannie-lovers are all about? Weirded Out Dear Weirded Out: Sexuality is a many-splendored thing. The... Read More