Testicular danger?

Dear Dr. Milrod:

I am asking you a question for the first time and your quick response will be highly appreciated. Actually, in today’s world we really need someone to guide us to correct knowledge regarding sex & relationships, as there are lot of contradictory & unauthentic information are available on net – and, it is very difficult for a common man/woman to find out what is correct or wrong.

I am a 35 year-old married man. I like “Going Commando” (i.e. without underwear) and feel comfortable. But my friends told me that it is not good for male genitals, as my testicles may get injured or twisted due to lack of support.
While surfing the net I found that some tribes in South America or Brazil are always fully nude, and do all their daily routines like running, swimming, climbing trees & hunting without any support for their testicles.

Also, I found on some websites for the “Nudists/Naturists” where men are playing games like basketball, volleyball and even soccer fully nude without any support for their testicles. Now the question is: if support is necessary for the testicles, then why don’t these guys (as mentioned above) get their testicles hurt/injured or twisted? I asked my friends but they could not answer it. Now I hope to get some correct medical view from your side, please I am really confused!!

Mr. Ahmed

Dear Mr. Ahmed:

You are correct – it does not present any significant danger to “Go Commando.” In fact – it may enhance fertility, as long as you keep your testicles from running too hot in terms of temperature. Oftentimes, fertility specialists counsel men to abandon tight-fitting underwear and instead begin wearing boxer-shorts. In addition, there are indeed several tribes, not only in South America but also in New Guinea, where adult men wear penis gourds but whose testicles hang freely without any harm.

Christine Milrod, PhD

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