How can I last longer with my wife?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am a very fit 42-year-old male. I’m also married and have a rather mundane sex life: lights out, similar positions, she won’t swallow, won’t do doggy, etc. I have tried and tried gently, roughly, tenderly, pleaded, everything over the years. I also find I shoot very quickly with her in the dark, and now I wonder if some of her lack of interest is my lack of timing in my sexual performance. Is there something I can do with my wife to help me... Read More

I need a way to spice up the bedroom activity!

Dear Dr. Milrod: My long time girl friend is an entertainer and has lots of imagination. Still, I am wondering what I could do to spice up our lovemaking? Love My Cinnamon Dear Love My Cinnamon: A good way to start would be to have an open and honest conversation with her about the issue. Does she also feel a need to spice things up, or is she fine with the way things are? I’m a firm believer in couples communicating, particularly when it comes to delicate sexual preferences.... Read More

Can saunas lower your testosterone?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am 30 years old and know I can’t do certain things like I used to. Meanwhile, I belong to a health club right across the street from where I live.  I go there all the time, sometimes to workout, but mostly to shower, shave and hit my favorite 2 rooms, the hot room (close to a sauna) and the steam room. I have a serious high tolerence for heat.  I can stay in the hot room for 30 minutes, read the paper, dripping sweat, jump in/out of the pool then sit/lie... Read More

My girlfriend tastes sour

Dear Dr. Milrod: I’m noticing a sour taste when I’m going down on my girlfriend.  I know she’s clean, just showered. What is it? It’s not always this way. Would flavored lubes be a good idea? Don’t Like It Dear Don’t Like It: Your girlfriend’s delicate vaginal acidity may be off balance. A quick fix would be going to the gynecologist to get a special wash or even vaginal suppositories to restore her bacterial flora so that she’ll be smelling all... Read More