My girlfriend tastes sour

Dear Dr. Milrod:

I’m noticing a sour taste when I’m going down on my girlfriend.  I know she’s clean, just showered. What is it? It’s not always this way. Would flavored lubes be a good idea?

Don’t Like It

Dear Don’t Like It:

Your girlfriend’s delicate vaginal acidity may be off balance. A quick fix would be going to the gynecologist to get a special wash or even vaginal suppositories to restore her bacterial flora so that she’ll be smelling all nice and sweet again. A more long-term solution would be for her to change her diet and introduce probiotics and prebiotics such as acidophilus products in her daily regimen – plain yogurt, plain kefir or even sauerkraut to keep her flora in the correct PH zone. Many times, it’s a dietary issue: foods high in uric acid such as red meats, or definitely sugar will alter a woman’s vaginal acidity very quickly. Alcohol is no good either. Smoking, sugary beverages and of course hard drugs will do their damage to the bacterial flora as well.

After her monthly ovulation, a woman’s bacterial flora will change. Women can become very sensitive to overgrowth of yeast, post-ovulation. It may very well be what you’re smelling or sensing, since it’s not happening on a daily basis. In this case, antifungal remedies such as vaginal Tea Tree Oil suppositories can be used. They are available in any well-stocked health food store. I would caution against “masking” the odor with flavored lubes. And I wouldn’t go into erotic toys until her condition has cleared up. You can spread the yeast or bacteria around and make it worse with the insertion of various toys. And finally – a visit with the gynecologist is always a recommendation. A little painless sample of vaginal fluids, and the answer is usually available at a moment’s notice.

Christine Milrod, Ph.D.

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