What is a lactating fetish all about?

Dear Dr. Milrod: About 10 days ago, I was traveling with a co-worker from another office. On the last night, we got drunk and ended up in bed with each other. When I got her clothes off, she told me that she was still breastfeeding her 4-month old child. So I just went for her breasts. We had one incredible night of lovemaking that included me suckling her breasts and feeding from her. She fed me several times and I must have had a fairly large quantity of milk. The feelings of... Read More

How do you know when it’s time to leave your marriage?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I’ve known my wife for almost nine years and have been married for five of those years. I’m 31 years old and she’s a few years younger.  We don’t have any kids yet, but that is the main issue for us. It scares me to death, not because I don’t want kids eventually, but more because I’m not sure she is the one that I want to have them with.  Lately all of our differences have become magnified for me, not to mention her sexual... Read More

My problem is anal sex – I just can’t get enough

Dear Dr. Milrod: I’m a good-looking straight male in my 30’s and I’ve got this intense fetish with female butts. I love everything about them – touching them, feeling them, licking them, rimming them, and ramming my penis inside them during anal sex. I shouldn’t admit this and I know it sounds mean, but if I never had to look at a woman’s face again during sex, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. With women I’ve dated in the past,... Read More

Pantyhose and sex

Dear Dr. Milrod: Since I was a pre-teen, I have had something for pantyhose. The sight of a woman in pantyhose just drives me sexually nuts. It has now pushed me to seek professional sex workers to fulfill this fetish. However, I am a married man. Married to a woman whom I love, but who does not share or is even willing to share my fetish with me. She thinks that it is a bit awkward for her to wear pantyhose for me. My question is, where does this fetish come from? How can I cure... Read More

Men and women have the same sex drive…or?

Dear Dr Milrod: Wherever I go for information, it tells me that men have a stronger sex drive than women due to testosterone and men should accept that because it’s a fact of life.  However, some women seem to have a sex drive that is on par with men.  So, do we attribute that to testosterone or is something else going on? Girl in Nebraska Dear Girl in Nebraska: Female and male libido are simply not comparable. That doesn’t mean that women can’t get just as... Read More