Sexless marriages?

Dear Dr. Milrod: Lately, I have been hearing a lot about sexless marriages. I just read about a guy’s reason for infidelity, and that was a 25-year sexless marriage. I thought that he should have had a clue after the first six months? Or first year! Aren’t sex and intimacy the bedrock of a good relationship? Do people of both sexes feel that they are not complete without a relationship, any relationship? I have always been curious. Girl Interrupted Dear Girl Interrupted: What... Read More

Quick question on cancer, estrogen and menopause

Dear Dr. Milrod: A close friend is undergoing radiation treatments for serious breast cancer. She recently said her many years of estrogen treatments may have been the cause; she went that route because she had severe hot flashes and other unpleasantness associated with menopause. I had thought estrogen has been minimized as a possible cause of breast cancer. Another friend made a decision NOT to have estrogen at about the same time, and her health is flourishing, except that... Read More

Testicular danger?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am asking you a question for the first time and your quick response will be highly appreciated. Actually, in today’s world we really need someone to guide us to correct knowledge regarding sex & relationships, as there are lot of contradictory & unauthentic information are available on net – and, it is very difficult for a common man/woman to find out what is correct or wrong. I am a 35 year-old married man. I like “Going Commando” (i.e. without... Read More

What is the fascination with transgender women?

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am very perplexed with men who like transgender women. Is this a latent homosexual experience? I normally get quesy just watching two men kiss on television. It’s my hang-up and I harbor no ill will towards the gay community.  Could you please explain what trannie-lovers are all about? Weirded Out Dear Weirded Out: Sexuality is a many-splendored thing. The topic of “trannie-lovers,” an otherwise derogatory term, is an interesting one. It appears... Read More

Children and the primal scene

Dear Dr. Milrod: I read about a mother and her boyfriend who would, on occasion, engage in sex in front of the mother’s 9-year-old daughter. The daughter mentioned this in school and now the mother and the boyfriend are charged with child abuse or similar charge. Are you aware of any studies that would support or undermine the assertions of child abuse? Bedtime Story Dear Bedtime Story: There are studies on this issue, particularly an 18-year longitudinal UCLA study on parental... Read More

Good health = good sex life

Dear Dr. Milrod: As we males get older, we sometimes can’t get an erection at will. I remember when I was younger, an old timer told me that the secret to a long sex life was to stay in good shape and have a good diet. How true it is that Viagra is a good thing if you need it, but take care of yourself and your penis will take care of you? Old Nut Dear Old Nut: I am always a proponent for good nutrition and good health in general! There are two things I believe are outright... Read More