I am in love with an escort who works in a brothel

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am an IT professional, divorced since 15 years ago, no kids (don’t want them), with a really unusual problem on my hands. Four months ago, I went on line and found photos of a beautiful escort. After some thinking, I called her and we met – at a Nevada brothel, where she works. It went very well – you could say that it was almost fate! Because now I am really in love with her and want to be in a committed relationship with her. There are some... Read More

My brother is a cross dresser – help!

Dear Dr. Milrod: I am a woman in my mid 40s with a fraternal twin brother. We live in Los Angeles not too far from each other. I am very close to my brother and his wife. Recently, she confided in me that my brother dresses like a woman and that it keeps happening more and more. It started just in the bedroom but has now escalated to the point of him talking about taking hormones off-and-on. His wife confided in me that he acts like a woman during their love making (I found this... Read More