Is it normal that after getting head several times, a penis will be very sore?

Dear Dr. Milrod:

I’m really having blast when getting head, especially when my wife swallows. Perhaps I overdid it this week. My urethra is incredibly sore after countless world-class oral workouts in a 48-hour period. My question is: Is it normal that after being suctioned to completion on multiple occasions in a short period, a penis will be incredibly sore? One thing is for sure: It’s not an STD!

Red Rooster

Dear Red Rooster:

Yes, it’s normal. Especially if there are teeth rubbing off microscopic skin layers and some epithelial cells on the glans penis (head of the penis). Also, if you are circumcized, there isn’t that little skinpouch to tuck the “abused” head into, so it’s also exposed; in addition, rubbing and chafing the meatus (urinary opening, full of tender, sensitive nerve endings) against underwear, pubic hair, etc will result in tenderness. If it persists, do visit with the urologist. In the meantime, tell your wife to keep her fangs tucked in while aspirating!

Christine Milrod, Ph.D.

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