Why are some men attracted to women’s feet?

Dear Dr. Milrod:

I find myself being more and more attracted to women’s feet. I stare at them, I check out feet when I’m on the beach, but even more, I love women’s feet in shoes. Is there something wrong with me?

Stanley, 33

Dear Stanley, 33:

Any body part seems to be capable of becoming eroticized in the human sexual matrix. One thing I have come to observe anecdotally is that eroticized body parts seem to be vascular, or comprised of more tissue rather than bone – elbows don’t seem to be particularly “sexy” for men, do they? But soles of feet, toes (good for sucking), arches (the curvature of a high arch), the ankle – it all seems fair game for enjoyment and worshiping.

In general, plumpness signals youth and fertility, so a young foot with unblemished fleshy little toes can be very exciting to some. Throughout history, women have mutilated their feet somewhat (the Chinese at their worst) to have tiny feet; other men enjoy the plumpness of a foot inserted in a pump (Fernando Botero’s paintings come to mind).

In addition, there is also the smell – yes, I know, some of you will be grossed out by sweaty feet – but for some men, there is something inherently exciting about a little sweat mixed with a woman’s own pheromones and her body lotion/perfume. Some men like for women to walk on them with spike heels; yes, there’s no end to the fun some men seem to have with feet.

The more body parts you find erotic, the more body parts you can have fun with. For you, that may involve something completely different, but for some men, the female foot is as exciting as the female breast. Some of it is cultural as well – there are “giraffe” women whose necks have been artificially stretched, or how about the stretched lips with plates in them? Our Western culture has eroticized the foot for ages, what with all the emphasis on women’s shoes. It’s not that strange – just another example of nature and culture interacting in a fun and interesting way.

Christine Milrod, Ph.D.

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